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Hello, my name is Marvin

I'm building apps with React and React native. When I step back from the code editor, you can find me chilling with my family & friends, or boxing on the ring.

I used to work for great companies


Senior Frontend engineer

In the Growth Team, worked on improving the scalability of statically generated websites, using React ecosystem.

Proton Website

Staff Frontend engineer

In the Engineering Team, mostly implied in Product revamping, using React Ecosystem.

OpenClassroom Website

Senior Frontend engineer

In the Engineering Team, built core functionalities, implemented the Design System library (Strapi v4).

Strapi Website

Senior Frontend engineer

In the Engineering Team, worked on Gatsby Cloud and the build experience, using React Ecosystem

Gatsby Website

The values that power me


Prior to my role as a developer, I identify first and foremost as an individual and a father. My greatest emphasis lies on people, and I strongly believe in prioritizing them. As a developer, my objective is to offer valuable services to a wide range of individuals, aiming to make a positive impact on as many lives as I can.


We, as humans, are prone to errors. Regardless of the message's content, it must be communicated with kindness. It's crucial for me to remain grounded and to both provide and accept constructive feedback whenever it's needed.


"Adventure" in frontend engineering fuels the excitement of pushing user experience and technological boundaries. It's about fearlessly embracing new tools, experimenting with fresh concepts, and embarking on a journey to create experiences that captivate and inspire users in unexpected ways.